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Polytron MTC is regarded as the best oil additive in the world. No other products can come close to Polytron ultra performance lubricant products.

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Polytron protects your equipment and lowers the maintenance cost by over 60%. You will save money by simply using Polytron oil products.

Green Power

Polytron promotes green world. Increase fuel economy, lower emissions, and fewer major maintenance all adds to being greener.

Polytron – motor oils, oil additives and lubricants for any application

We are your direct one-stop source of POLYTRON Ultra Performance Lubricant products, simply known as Polytron Oil.  We are the only and the best factory direct POLYTRON supplier in the U.S., so you can save BIG when you buy Polytron oil products from us!  We are serving all types of customer: light duty vehicle (cars, pickups, motorcycle), heavy duty vehicles (semi trucks, trains, earth movers, buses), capital equipment (factories, milling machines, presses), and more, both in the U.S. and the world.  We welcome you!

Polytron Lubricant products can give you great benefits all around.  Polytron MTC Oil Additive can eliminate up to 95% of wear, save up to 60% on maintenance cost, and increase performance.   Polytron Fuel Conditioner can give you up to 35% increase in fuel mileage and up to 60% cut in emissions.  Polytron oil – the best lubricant in the world.

POLYTRON oil additive products benefits:

  • Eliminate up to 90-95% of engine and equipment wear
  • Eliminate up to 85-90% of friction in sliding surfaces
  • Reduce engine/equipment operating temperature and noise level
  • Eliminate build-up and keep engine completely clean
  • In the event of oil or coolant loss, engines are protected for tens of miles under any driving conditions
  • Restore compression (the compression may go up even in new cars)
  • Contribute to much cleaner emission gases, especially EPA-Approved Polytron Fuel Conditioner is used (95% chance of passing smog if you failed once)
  • Are very effective in severe operating conditions such as dust, dirt and moisture
  • Extend oil change intervals and oil filter life up to 600-900%*
  • Extend service life of Automatic Transmission by 700-900%
  • Contribute to considerable fuel and oil economy
  • Generate the same outstanding results, when used in transmissions, power steering, differentials or any other equipment
  • Contribute to reduction of up to 60% of maintenance costs

All results varies depending on application and particular equipment type. In general, significant wear reduction is expected.

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