a. Swiss Precision Parts.

Operation – Special Grooving O.D.; Material – 52100 Die Tool Steel; Coolant – Oil Requirements – Must hold tolerance of 0.0002 in on diameter and 64 microns in on finish.
Customer usually maintained these parameters for 1 shift – 8 hours – 2’200 pcs.
After applying a few drops of Polytron Penetrating Lubricant on the cutting edge of the Carbide tip, we cut metal and held all parameters for 2.5 shifts – 20 hours – 7800 pcs +.

b. Aluminum Brake Piston Parts.

Material – Cast Aluminum. Operation – Drilling. Tool used – #64 drill, tin coated. With coolant customer normally ran 2’800 to 36’00 holes before the drill would dull. After spraying the drill with Polytron Penetrating Lubricant, 8600 holes were drilled without using coolant. Now Polytron Penetrating Lubricant is used on all drilling, tapping and turning.

c. Aluminum Rails for Packing Conveyor.

Operation – Side Milling. Part – 86” long. Problem – excessive buildup on tool. Operator would have to stop every 12” to 18” to “knock off” or remove material that welded or galled to the cutting tool. After spraying Polytron Penetrating Lubricant on end mill, the operator machined 4 pcs (total of 344 inches) with minimal buildup and also a 30% increase in production.

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Polytron Penetrating Lubricant (PL)[/su_column]
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Machine Shop – machining of aluminum and steel alloys in Florida[/su_column]
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Reference letter written by company’s Vice President[/su_column][/su_row]