“We have been using POLYTRON EP-2 Grease for 7 years now and I cannot say enough about its outstanding performance.”


“Before POLYTRON was introduced to us we had to “grease” our heavy duty equipment once a week.”


“Now with POLYTRON EP-2 Grease we have to do it every 4 weeks,in addition to dramatic reduction in breakdowns (that were caused by harsh conditions of heat, moisture and abrasive dust). 4 times longer maintenance intervals and considerable reduction in breakdowns and repairs combined to about 1.5 million dollars savings in annual maintenance cost.

This is not taking into consideration the extended life of the equipment. I would recommend POLYTRON Grease to anyone…”

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“These Jaw-Crushers contain two very large, heavy duty bearings that we had to replace every 6 months. The cost of replacing them is $7,500 each. Now we replace these bearings every three years on average, that translates to tens of thousands of dollars in savings.

This is only one example out of many where POLYTRON Grease made a big difference. We use POLYTRON Grease throughout the quarry with too many success stories to recount here.”

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Polytron EP-2 Grease for Rock Quarry machines[/su_column]
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Rock Quarry Heavy Machinery Application[/su_column]
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