The oil temperature of PAC 250 screw compressor was running 192° F and its air up to 240° and than shutting off. We had the air and the oil coolers of the compressor serviced, but it continued to automatically shut off approximately every one and a half hours.

The compressor holds 180 quarts of premium oil to the full mark, priced at $7.08 (no space) per quart (so the cost of an oil change was $1,274.40). We were changing the oil very often to reduce the down time.


We replaced the premium oil with a mixture of industrial oil (165 quarts, $0.88 per quart) blended with approximately 8% of POLYTRON MTC (15 quarts). The total cost of the replacing mixture of the industrial oil and POLYTRON MTC was $450.00.

The oil temperature was reduced from 192°F to 160° F and the air temperature was reduced from 240°F to 200°F, and no more shut downs. occurred. Since the industrial oil and POLYTRON MTC mixture lasted 15 times longer before we changed it, the savings on the loan alone was more than $19,000, in addition to the considerable savings as a result of almost complete elimination of downtime.

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