The results of using Polytron

“The results of using Polytron Fuel conditioner and Polytron MTC are nothing short of outstanding. In most of cars that had excessive emissions and smoke problems we have eliminated or considerably reduced them by just using Polytron Fuel conditioner or in some cases together with Polytron MTC.

The following video stills represent a video footage of an exhaust of a car that was heavily smoking, and we were sure that we had to overhaul the engine in order to fix the problem. But to our amazement after applying Polytron Fuel Conditioner together with Polytron MTC the smoke disappeared within few minutes. I have never seen such a powerful combination of products.”

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This time-lapse photography shows how the amount of smoke coming out of an exhaust of the above referenced vehicle is reduced almost to nothing within only few minutes of adding POLYTRON GDFC and POLYTRON MTC.

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Polytron MTC and GDFC (fuel conditioner) to reduce exhaust emission[/su_column]
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Used Cars Wholesale Company in California[/su_column]
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Letter written by the general manager of the company[/su_column][/su_row]